Lance (+3 weapon, Allying) (32310 gp)
A battered weapon, engraved with runes of destruction.

Oil of Magic Weapon (cr, 50 gp)
This glowing draught causes one’s eyes to turn black when used.

Potion of Ant Haul (apg, 50 gp)
A viscous admixture, contained in a fragile bottle etched with holy symbols.

Potion of Endure Elements (cr, 50 gp)
This topaz potion causes flames to flicker wildly when used.

Rod of Metal and Mineral Detection (10500 gp)
This ash rod was taken from the crypt of the lich Sariusi.

Scroll of Pass without Trace (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Scrying (cr, 700 gp)

Superior Ring of Revelation (24000 gp)
This heavy ring once belonged to the great hero Narvi, who vanished in the Dark Halls of Souls.

Breastplate (+3 armor) (9350 gp)
This battered armor was created by a goddess of war for her most loyal warrior.

Heavy Steel Shield (+1 shield) (1170 gp)
This distinctive shield was taken from the hoard of the dragon Itan.

Light Wooden Shield (+1 shield, Merging) (9153 gp)
This battered shield once belonged to the illustrious ranger Telchal, who vanished in the Temple of Bela the Indomitable.

Splint Mail (+1 armor) (1350 gp)
A battered armor, trimmed with fox fur.

Splint Mail (+1 armor, Warding) (4350 gp)
A battered armor, trimmed with lynx fur.

Cold Iron Masterwork Longsword (330 gp) (sheds light)
A distinctive weapon, inlaid with adamantine.

Composite Longbow (+1 weapon) (2400 gp)
A masterwork weapon, engraved with runes of destruction.

Frostbite Sling (9380 gp)
This finely crafted weapon was created by the great halfling weaponsmith Alyn Quinte.

Gloom Blade (8810 gp)
This battered weapon once belonged to the human ranger Eryel, who slew the Serpent of the Dragon’s Vale.

Handaxe (+1 weapon) (2306 gp)
This battered weapon is said to have once belonged to a forgotten god of war.

Heavy Flail (+1 weapon) (inscription provides clue to function) (2315 gp)
This masterwork weapon is said to lead the one who wields it to wealth and glory.

Lance (+1 weapon) (sheds light) (2310 gp)
This finely crafted weapon is said to be imbued with the spirit of the human warlord Coenhelm, who fell in the Siege of Bamor.

Morningstar (+1 weapon) (sheds light) (2308 gp)
A battered weapon, engraved with runes of vengeance.


Potion of Invisibility (cr, 300 gp)
This cloudy ruby elixir causes one’s eyes to turn blue when used.

Potion of Reduce Person (cr, 50 gp)
A cloudy tincture, contained in a porcelain flask.

Potion of Remove Sickness (um, 50 gp)
This white oil causes one’s hair to turn blue when used.

Potion of Resist Electricity (3rd) (cr, 300 gp)
A fuming elixir, contained in a faceted jar.

Potion of Tongues (cr, 750 gp)
A green oil, contained in a tapered porcelain phial.

Potion of Vanish (apg, 50 gp)
This bronze liquid causes flames to turn red when used.


Manual of War (7500 gp)
This folio of parchments is wrapped in linen cloth.

Scroll of Align Weapon (cr, 150 gp)
Scroll of Charm Person (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Dancing Lights (cr, 12 gp 5 sp)
Scroll of Flame Strike (cr, 700 gp)
Scroll of Light (cr, 12 gp 5 sp)
Scroll of Owl’s Wisdom (cr, 150 gp)
Scroll of Remove Disease (cr, 375 gp)
Scroll of Touch of Idiocy (cr, 150 gp)
Scroll of True Strike (cr, 25 gp)


Wand of Ant Haul (apg, 750 gp)
A masterwork wand, wrapped in fine steel wire.

Wand of Detect Chaos (cr, 750 gp)
This ash wand was created by the legendary elf artificer Alathil.

Wand of Detect Snares and Pits (cr, 750 gp)
A thin wand, inlaid with adamantine.

Wand of Heroism (cr, 11250 gp)
This finely crafted wand also grants the magical ability to see in darkness for one hour per day.

Wand of Message (cr, 375 gp)
This heavy wand once belonged to the half-elf mage Hery Fane, who perished in the Llanda Woods.

Wand of Summon Nature’s Ally II (cr, 4500 gp)
This elm wand once belonged to the dwarf alchemist Gimli, who perished in the Temay Plains.


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