Rise of the Runelords

Barl's Secret Stash
He came in like a

It’s taken some time to decode Barl Breakbone’s spellbooks. But you’ve managed to unravel one particularly nasty spell, one that Barl decided to name after himself, perhaps a final gesture towards continuing his legacy.

Wrecking Barl
School conjuration [earth]; Level sorcerer/wizard 5; Domain earth 5

Casting Time 1 full round action
Components V, S, M (a pound of mineral components)

Range long (400 ft. + 40 ft./level)
Area 10-ft./level diameter.
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Reflex Partial (see text); Spell Resistance no

Wrecking Barl summons a massive boulder, crudely hewn in the shape of an obese, leering giant. This boulder covers an area of 10 cubic feet per caster level, and weighs 2,000 lbs/caster level. The boulder is roughly spherical, and has a hardness of 10, and 100 hit points per caster level. The boulder must be summoned into an area with enough space to contain it or the spell fails (though a spellcaster may opt to cast the spell at a lower level to “fit” it.)

If summoned overhead, the boulder immediately crashes down to earth, dealing 1d8/level points of nonmagical bludgeoning damage to any creatures and objects in the area. Flying creatures get +4 to this save. A successful save negates the bludgeoning damage and moves the creature just outside of the boulder’s space. Any creature within 50 feet of the boulder’s impact must make an additional reflex save or fall prone.

For each 100 feet the boulder falls before hitting a target, increase the damage of the boulder by one dice type, but lower the reflex save by 4.

The boulder itself is not magical and does not disappear at the duration of the spell.

The Hills Have Eyes
And conjoined twins ... and deformed arms ... and stubby legs

Playing “Capture the Snail” was a breeze compared to what Mammy Graul has in store for the bold adventurers. The deranged ogrekin claims the Kreegwood as her territory, and with her new twists on old spells, rather than wandering the woods, the players may find it best to return to town to recharge, recuperate, and plan.

After all, Barl Breakbones seems to be warning the players, in his own, arrogant way, that Mammy Graul is more dangerous than she seems. But how much can you really trust the giant necromancer? And if he controls the crystal ball, why does he seem fine with the party in possession of it?

But Barl is likely a problem for a later date. There are two more pressing matters at hand. As the party wanders in the woods, Lucrecia the Puppet Master recuperates from torture at the hands of the nameless naga, dealing with the trauma on her own. She may indeed have some desperate plan for healing her mind, but will the party help?

More importantly, CAN the party help? They’ve rescued one of Mammy Graul’s children, a physically and mentally stunted ogre mage, and it’s not like he can just waltz right into town.

Or can he?

Rewarded in Magnimar
Money or Magic?

(We will cover this in game, but if you want time to work things out, here’s one of the things that’s happening)

In return for returning all of Ironbriar’s ill-gotten goods to the city and citizens of Magnimar, you have your choice of rewards. You can either accept monetary compensations of 8,000 gold, OR a magical item worth 10,000 gold or less.

The Skinsaw Murders
Skinsaw Runelords Sandpoint Ironbriar Karzoug Ruinlords

Ironbriar has fallen! Deep in his vault beneath the city of Magnimar, he fought and lost an epic battle against the Heroes of Sandpoint, the self-styled “Ruinlords.”

Infected with Green Slime, the corrupt Justice Ironbriar fell through the very portal he was using to transport ill-gotten goods to his master, Runelord Karzoug. Strengthening his vault were a cadre of golems and clockwork soldiers, gifts from the Runelord in exile. However, neither these, nor Ironbriar’s hired muscle were enough to stop the intreped heroes.

Now, the heroes are left with a problematic choice. With the city of Magnimar unawares, Ironbriar had stolen the ENTIRETY of the city’s wealth—gold, art, and magic items. With no witnesses, what will the heroes do with a mountain of loot that doesn’t belong to them?

Party Wish List
A list of items to craft.

Post your list of items you are interested in as a comment to this entry, and I will craft them in a round robin order in this order:

Kuip *

Currently working on: Upgrading Belt of Thunderous Charging from +2 Strength to +4 Strength
Cost: 12,000 gp (6,000 gp to craft, total item cost: 22,000gp)
DC: 25 (Base 13 +2 Word Caster, +5 Not Meeting Caster Level Requirement, +5 Expedient Crafting)
Progress: 0/48 Hours


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