Eye of Xin

Major Artifact


This massive focusing lens possesses the power to convert spells cast into it into another spell, by subtly manipulating the runic dials surrounding its edge. When a spell or spell-like ability is cast into the lens, the user must make a DC 30 Spellcraft check to control and change the energies. If successful, the spell can be turned into another spell of equal level from any school of magic, with the exception of Universal spells. Likewise, the lens will not function when a spell from the Universal school is cast through it.


Created by Emperor Xin during the founding years of the empire of Thassilon, the mighty wizard used the Eye’s incredible power to experiment with different spells – and some he did not have access to yet. When Xin was apparently slain in the massive explosion that leveled half his city, the Eye somehow survived, staying in relative obscurity beneath the chaotic waters of the Grand Prismatic Lake.

Eye of Xin

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