Copy of Luminista's Spellbook

2293 gp


This leatherbound book has a metal spine, allowing for a lock on the cover to keep the book securely sealed. The lock sits in the middle of a Sihedron symbol on the front cover. The inside of the spellbook has used 79 pages, leaving 21 pages blank.

This spellbook contains the following spells:

Level 0:
Acid Burn, Boost, Bleeding Wounds, Cold Snap, Cone, Dechipher, Distant, Echo, Flame Jet, Force Block, Lengthy, Lift, Personal, Personal Rune, Selected, Sense Magic, Spark

Level 1:
Burning Flash, Burst, Careful, Dash, Fade, Fog Bank, Friendship, Line, Lock Ward, Quiet, Shock Arc, Servitor I, Simple

Level 2:
Corrosive Bolt, Decelerate, Disappear, Enhance Form, Energy Resistance, Force Bolt, Mirror Image, Rune Gate, Transmodify

Level 3:
Barrier, Dimensional Hop, Far Sight, Fire Blast, Force Armor, Soar

Level 4:
Arcane Undeath, Stoneskin, Terror


This spellbook is a copy of Luminista’s spellbook: they use the same key, though a copy of the key is stored in Luminista’s room in the Hellfire Plume. The copy is currently stored in the library in the Runewell facility.

Copy of Luminista's Spellbook

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